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Curaprox CS 5460 Ultra Soft – White


Limited edition of the popular CS 5460 toothbrush

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Product Description

Curaprox CS 5460 Ultra Soft toothbrush is for anyone who loves their gums. The CS 5460 Ultra Soft toothbrush is incredibly soft, yet very efficient when it comes to getting rid of dental plaque, including on the gum line. It preserves its firmness when brushing with minimal pressure and its small, compact head makes it easy to access all the hard-to-reach areas in the mouth.

All 5460 Ultra CUREN® soft filaments have a diameter of 0.1 mm.

An octagonal handle makes it easy to grip the toothbrush and to place filaments at a 45 degree angle when brushing.

The advantages of the Curaprox CS 5460 toothbrush:

  • 5460 ultra-soft CUREN® filaments
  • small, compact head
  • octagonal handle for an easy grip

Manufacturer: Curaden AG, Switzerland


Packaging includes

  • 1 Curaprox CS 5460 toothbrush with a cap



  • Place the filaments so that they cover equal parts gum and teeth
  • Brush with short round movements without unnecessary pressure
  • Appropriate pressure is important when brushing – if the filaments are frayed, this is a sign of too much pressure


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