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Curaprox CS Smart


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Product Description

Curaprox CS Smart toothbrush is inspired by the bestselling Curaprox CS 5460 toothbrush, but with its smaller head it is perfect for children and adults with a small mouth. It has 7600 incredibly gentle and efficient CUREN® filaments on its small head for exceptionally accurate brushing on spots difficult to reach.


The toothbrush has an octagonal handle for an easier grip and the placement of filaments a 45 degree angle when brushing.

All 7600 ultra-fine CUREN® filaments have a dimeter of 0.08 mm.


The advantages of the Curaprox CS smart toothbrush:

  • 7600 ultra-soft CUREN® filaments
  • Small, compact head
  • An octagonal angle for an easier grip

Manufacturer: Curaden AG, Switzerland


Packaging includes

  • 1 Curaprox CS Smart toothbrush with a cap



  • Place the filaments so that they cover equal parts gum and teeth
  • Brush with short round movements without unnecessary pressure
  • Appropriate pressure is important when brushing – if the filaments are frayed, this is a sign of too much pressure


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