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Interdental Curaprox CPS Prime toothbrush


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Product Description

Interdental Curaprox CPS Prime toothbrushes are efficient, gentle and fill the entire interdental space without risk of injury. They are appropriate to clean even the smallest interdental space. With regular use you will prevent tooth decay in the interdental space, gingivitis and periodontitis.

Regular and correct use of the Curaprox CPS toothbrush corrects all the biggest deficiencies of a common toothbrush – especially when removing plaque between teeth – and is the most important accessory in achieving clean teeth and fresh breath while preventing gum and periodontal disease.

Five sizes of Curaprox CPS Prime interdental toothbrushes are available: CPS 06, CPS 07, CPS 08, CPS 09 and CPS 011.

They are very easy to use: push your interdental toothbrush gently all the way through the interdental space, and pull it back out.

Due to its incredibly fine and strong CURAL® surgical wire, one single cleaning movement of the interdental toothbrush in the interdental space is sufficient.

Manufacturer: Curaden AG, Switzerland


Packaging includes

The packaging includes:

  • 5 Curaprox Prime interdental toothbrushes
  • 1 mini Curaprox UHS 409 plastic holder



For cleaning interdental spaces thoroughly, the toothbrush must be of the right size. Its bristles must fill the entire interdental space.

Insert the CPS interdental toothbrush into the diagonal opening of the holder at a right angle to its axis, and then rotate into a horizontal position. You will hear a slight click while performing this rotation which confirms that the toothbrush is firmly in place.

  • Place the top of the toothbrush at a slight angle to the gum at the interdental space.
  • Gently find the right angle for insertion and push the toothbrush halfway through.
  • Stop, tilt the toothbrush towards the gum and gently push all the way through the interdental space.
  • Cleaned!

After use, wash your toothbrush under running water and leave it to air-dry. Replace with a new one in 8-15 days.

The correct size of the interdental toothbrush is best determined by a dentist or an oral hygienist with the IAP measuring probe.


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