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DTX Supreme


The DTX Supreme was developed in close colaboration with doctors. The Chlorella algea’s specialty is to absorbs heavy metals and environmental toxins and can support the bodies’ detoxifying and cleansing ability. Additionally, the bundle contains important nutrients that further help the body during the detox period.

The bundle contains:

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Quality Standard

  • We only use wild fish.
  • No antibiotics or growth hormones.
  • No oxidized fats.
  • Capsule is certified BSE free, free of phthalates and titanium dioxide.
  • GMP certified.

Please note: Food supplements do not substitute for a healthy diet. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not exceed recommended daily intake. Store in a cool and dry area.


Nutritional guidelines

  1. Avoid tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, artificial sweetners, flavor enhancers and trans fatty acids;
    Gluten and dairy free diet is recommended
  2. Drink enough fluids (2-3 L plain water (reverse osmosis) /unsweetened tea)
  3. Emphasize healthy fatty acids and good quality protein and eat as much veggies as possible


Supplementation protocol

Supplements breakfast lunch dinner pre bed
Chlorella vulgaris Pellets 10 Presslinge  10 Presslinge  10 Presslinge
Multi Supreme 4 capsules
Omega 3 Supreme 2 capsules 3 capsules
Mag Supreme  4 capsules


The DTX – Detox Protocol should start at least 14 days prior to the metal- and or amalgam removal and and last at least until 14 days after the removal.
The DTX protocol supplies the body with the right nutrients for optimal detoxification to get through the amalgam removal without furhter health issues. It is not a heavy metal chelation protocol.
This phase can only be started if the oral cavity is totally biologically restored, i.e. no root canals, no cavitations and no metals at all. Please ask you referring functional medicine doctor or naturopathic doctor about it.

We wish you a great DETOX



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