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Terms and conditions


Company Information

Full name: Ran Zobozdravstvena dejavnost d.o.o.
Street Address: 205 Reteče
Postal Code and City: 4220 Škofja Loka
Country: Slovenia
Tax number: 91956307
Company code: 1615009
Account number: (SKB) 0312-8100-0985-572
IBAN: SI56 03128-1000985572
Share capital: 122.266,00 €


The purchaser is a natural person or legal entity, depending on the information entered at registration and order submission. A natural person is a registered user who acquires or uses goods and services for the purposes outside of his or her profession or gainful activity. Consumers who are natural persons in accordance with this paragraph are subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

If the order is submitted by a legal entity or a natural person pursuing gainful activity, regardless of their legal form of organization or legal title, they are subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act only if this is specified in the Act itself.



All prices are in EUR and include VAT. The prices are set on the day of the order and can be changed daily. The published prices and the prices in issued offers are irrevocable and valid only for purchases made in the “CH Shop” online store. Discounts in the online store may not be compounded.



We reserve the right to content and other changes in the “CH Shop” online store. We do not accept any responsibility for any potential mistakes in the text.



You can select from the following payment methods:

  • Cash on delivery (quickest delivery option). A courier delivers the ordered goods personally to the recipient at the delivery address specified by the purchaser. In the event nobody is home, the package will be left at the post office. If the recipient fails to pick up the ordered goods in the time set in the notice, the package will be returned to the sender.
  • Bank transfer: the order must first be paid for. You will receive the invoice by e-mail. After you transfer the payment, your order will be dispatched.
  • PayPal and credit cards: the order is dispatched as soon as possible after the payment is received.



Ran Silentium d.o.o. sends a paper invoice to the purchaser upon the delivery and payment of products. The invoice contains a detailed price and all the costs connected with the purchase. The purchaser is responsible for checking the accuracy of the data before submitting the order.



Postage is charged by the Post of Slovenia according to the weight of the package.



The delivery period is 1-7 business days (most commonly 1-2 business days).



We recommend that you check the quality and quantity upon delivery. If a product you ordered is currently not in stock, we will send it to you as soon as possible at our expense. In the event of a delayed delivery or a different method of delivery, the purchaser especially undertakes to renounce any other methods to reclaim costs, the paid invoice, and/or the paid delivery, such as by claiming for damages in the form of a civil lawsuit or similar, but the purchaser does keep all other minimal rights in accordance with the provisions of Articles 23 and 24 of the Consumer Protection Act. All products in stock will be delivered within 1-7 business days after submitting your order. Upon choosing ‘fast delivery’, products can be at your home on the same day.

On Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays dispatch is not possible. All information on products and delivery can be acquired by telephone at the number +386 40 557 257 or via e-mail at info@centerhocevar.com.

In case the products cannot be delivered (due to a cancelled program, if it is sold out, etc.), the purchaser has the right to claim repayment for the paid price.



In case a package is physically damaged, is missing content or appears to have been opened, the purchaser must immediately lodge a complaint with Post of Slovenia. This can be done with the courier.  Post of Slovenia and our company will work together to resolve the issue as soon as possible.



The “CH Shop” online store commits to protecting your privacy. Your data will not be provided to third persons, except if state bodies deliver a written request.

If you wish to carry out a purchase in the “CH Shop” online store, you will need to provide your address in addition to the other data provided. This will enable an uninterrupted process of finalizing your order and allow us to notify you about any possible changes to your order.

Your data might occasionally be used for notifying you about important changes, new services and special offers on our websites which we consider important information for you as a customer. If you do not wish to receive such promotions, please notify us by email at info@centerhocevar.com



The “CH Shop” online store uses multiple security and protection systems which ensure proper protection against the loss and misuse of data.

Thank you for your trust!